Yaletown Condo

Yaletown Condo

Project:Yaletown Condo

About this Project

We partnered up with Jill from Jute Designs & Management as Contractor Jute Design and Designs by KS on the Designs and to update this Yaletown condo in the heart of Vancouvers Trendiest neighbourhood. The vision was made clear from day one; our clients wanted an updated airy condo, with warmth and character showcasing the original brick by using complimenting woodgrains. This Condo renovation is SUPER functional, durable with an increase of storage. These clients couldn’t have been in better hands! This was a true collaboration in design between client, contractor and our team.

In the Kitchen:To make the kitchen more functional, we increased storage and created a appliance garage at counter height to keep the counter free of clutter. The mix of walnut millwork and a white flat panel door with edge pulls kept the kitchen looking larger and brighter. Caesarstone’ “Primordia” on the counter and a custom Wood peninsula, from West Coast Slabs. Our tile selection for the cooktop backsplash was chosen for its cool but yet warm tone. We think its stunning and the homeowners do too!

By using paneled appliances such as the fridge, and a cooktop instead of a range, it gave this space a clean design. The materials used are modern and minimalistic, we brought in warmth from the countertops. The white cabinets are an interesting hue from Benjamine Moore’s “ Silver Satin”.

In the Bathrooms: In both these small spaces we introduced a mix of shapes and textures. We used geometric tiles that have a timeless pattern to them. The countertop is quartz “Vanilla Noir” from Caesarstone in the ensuite and “Alpine Mist” in the main bathroom. Custom Walnut millwork in both make these spaces stunning.

The biggest impact in the design and functionality are these medicine cabinets in the main bathroom, they double the storage in the space. Their shallow depth makes every small thing in a bathroom conveniently paced at eye level, in a perfect line without having to dig thru things to get to what you need. The floating vanity, high end finishings and lights give wow factor to these spaces.

Other mentions for this Condo:
Stone fabricators RJS Stonetops. Appliances from Midland Appliances. Plumbing and lighting fixtures supplied by Robinson Lighting & Bath. Including “Marset Pleat” and Walk through closet, kitchen and bathroom millwork is all from our cabinet manufacturer is Pacific Rim Cabinets.

About K&S on this project; Katerina came into this industry, from sales in plumbing supply to designing for millwork shops… Somewhere along the way, after being a supplier of millwork for over 8 years, Silvie and Kat decided to branch out on their own and we’ve added a PERK!
With the supply of millwork and countertops, our team helps design and select all materials needed for the spaces. (there’s some fine print in all that, but it’s generally a GREAT value added for our clients – Reach out to us for more details.)

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