West 40th Condo Renovation

West 40th Condo Renovation

Project: W 40th Condo Renovation 

Builder: Condoworks

About this Project

This condo required renovations in both bathrooms to make them more accessible & safe for our clients. The goal was to create a calming space for a relaxing retreat, add more functional storage that was both aesthetically pleasing and efficient. We had a lot of fun with this project.


The first thing you’ll notice are the blue floors that give the sense of walking on water while adding a pop of colour, texture, and variation to the space. In the main bathroom, we created a playful yet elegant vanity with quartz countertops, soft front facing lighting and a decorative mirror on an accent tile backdrop. The shower was extended to add a bench, and the wall was reduced to a pony wall with glass above to open the space. We also added a small hidden shower niche (this is one of our favourite spots for a niche). The tall storage unit includes a built-in wall charger for the client’s wireless vacuum and ample linen storage. The millwork throughout is one of our go to’s: Tafisa Laminate ‘Casting at First Light’, it really brings a soft & warm element to the space. We initially considered using brass hardware and plumbing fixtures, however we felt that the space could use some contrast, something that would pop off the subdued background and colour scheme. Black plumbing fixtures and hardware was the way to achieve this.


In the primary ensuite, we carried the same materials and finishes for continuity, added a double vanity with quartz countertops and backsplash, four drawers for efficient under sink storage, large medicine cabinets with soft lighting below, and two floating shelves that extend to the window to complete the look. Originally this bathroom had a large soaker tub with a small shower behind. Now it has two showers, a tub, functional storage, and a bit more personality.


look like furniture pieces, topped with two floating shelves on either side of the fireplace, we were able to enhance this large focal point, increase functional storage, and display centimental items. Who says you can’t have beauty, function and durability? ‘Cause we sure think you can!



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