W 35th

W 35th

Project: W35th Kitchen, Family & Dining Room Renovation

About this Project

Clients Esther and Calvin engaged us to renovate their kitchen, dining & family room.

The purpose of the renovation was to modernize the kitchen and improve its efficiency. Additionally, we aimed to create a better flow between all four spaces on the main floor. We decided to work with the existing flooring and pendant lights, above the island. To achieve our vision, we removed a wall and fireplace that separated the dining and formal living room. We had to get creative and patch the hardwood floor, resulting in a seamless transition as if that wall never existed.


We maintained the L-shaped layout of the kitchen but made some changes. We relocated the oven to the area where there used to be a shallow pantry, which allowed us to increase the depth of the cabinetry on that wall. Left of the wall ovens, we added a new pantry with an integrated countertop for storing small appliances and roll-out drawers below. This side of the kitchen now accommodates both small and large appliances.


The back wall features an integrated fridge, balanced by a pantry on the far left. The new cooktop is centered between two tall towers. A bank of drawers surrounds the cooking area, providing storage for pots, pans, cooking and serving utensils, as well as oils and spices.


The size of the island was determined by the existing flooring, as it didn’t extend underneath the previous island. We’ve included an integrated dishwasher, and a slide-out drawer beneath the sink stores bins for waste, compost, and household cleaning products. Additionally, we’ve added a Rev-a-Shelf heavy-duty appliance shelf that lifts a mixer from below to counter height.


For the countertops, we used Laminam’s Noir Desir on the island and Michaelangelo for the surface surrounding the cooktop and backsplash. These products are easy to clean, hygienic, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also very low maintenance. When installing a stone backsplash, we prefer to upgrade the outlets to bocci plugs. They are discreet and the best option when the focus should be on the stone.


In the family room, we used rift-cut oak for the wall panels and refaced the existing fireplace surround with an off-cut of stone. It all tied in nicely with the finishes of the kitchen.


By removing the wall and fireplace that separated the formal living space and dining area, we created a more inclusive space. We also replaced the old built-in hutch with a more efficient and updated design. The finishes in this area repeat from the kitchen, tying in the island color and rift-cut oak once again.


The hutch’s counter continues behind large bypass doors, providing ample storage space. Inside the hidden storage, you’ll find glassware, decanters, a coffee maker, and everything else you need for serving and entertaining. Below the counter, there is a combination of drawers for efficient storage and adjustable shelves for added flexibility. We chose a luxury laminate product from Uniboard with a dark woodgrain finish for its durability and authentic wood-like look and feel. It is a superior choice compared to using a wood veneer in this application.


By incorporating the vibrant colors and organic materials inspired by the beauty of nature, we are able to create a harmonious blend between the indoors and outdoors. It’s like inviting a piece of the breathtaking West Coast design right into this Vancouver home!

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