Commercial Drive Condo

Commercial Drive Condo

Project: Commercial Street Condo

Design Collaboration: Kander Designs

Renovator: Dan James Construction

About this Project

Michelle had a specific vision for her condo renovation, and she needed the right team to make it happen. She reached out to Kander Design and Designs by KS to help her achieve her goals.

As you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful wallpaper above the chair rail, complemented by a vibrant pop of color below. The detailed moldings and terrazzo tile add an extra touch of elegance to the space.

The smallest spaces often have the most impact. In the bathroom, a classy floral wallpaper applied as a wall and ceiling treatment, along with timeless subway tiles on the walls and hexagon tiles on the floor, create balance and visually appealing space.

With just over 600 square feet, this condo covers all your needs and offers additional storage space. Our goal was to create a kitchen that exudes a unique ambiance, distinct from the typical Vancouver condo.

By not having any upper cabinets, the space feels less crowded and bigger, as if it belongs to a larger home. The few cabinets in the kitchen are efficiently utilized, but we had to compensate for storage elsewhere.

We have designed a custom hutch for Michelle that serves multiple purposes. It not only provides storage for overstock from the kitchen but also acts as a hub for her electronics, paperwork, printer, filing drawer, and craft supplies.

The kitchen is influenced by Scandinavian design, featuring playful shades of pink on the walls, the floating shelf, and the vintage spice cubby (coral). Timeless black and white accents throughout the space complement the pink accents in a subtle way.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed touring our Commercial Street Condo. Designs by KS was thrilled to be working with Michelle (our client), Paul at Kander Design and Dan James Construction that brought this to life.

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