Burley Dr. West Vancouver

Burley Dr. West Vancouver

Project: Burley Dr. West Vancouver

Builder: TQ Construction

About this Project

The kind team at TQ Construction referred us to Sreoshi, who is now our client, for her small project. While this project may have been too small for TQ’s team, there’s no project too small for us!


Sreoshi wanted to create a more efficient space for her home office. Before the redesign, there was a desk in the room. Take a look at the “before” pictures. We collaborated with our client to design a custom built-in that offers a workspace, storage, and display area.


The built-in unit features open shelving with secret doors that lead to additional storage. This is where we keep the overstock of printer paper, ink, and other items needed for the home office. We have also integrated a printer and provided additional storage for the kids’ board games, arts, and crafts. Our team coordinated all the trades necessary to bring this project to completion.


Within 6 months, Sreoshi reached out to us again. She had caught the renovation bug! It was now time to address the mudroom, which had previously been the home’s kitchen before being relocated, leaving the mudroom unfinished. Another small project with life-changing results.


It was important to choose materials that complemented the existing slate tile floors. We opted for a mid-tone stain for the rift-cut oak shaker cabinets. Touches of aged brass in the hardware and faucet add an old-world vibe to the space, which is in harmony with the age of the home. The limestone countertops bring a touch of nature from outside into the space.


The cabinetry was designed to resemble a furniture piece by incorporating legs. This design also allowed us to consider the storage needed for the family’s baby stroller, strategically tucking it away underneath the cabinetry.


Once again, we successfully coordinated all trades required to complete this small project. However, the renovation bug is still very much alive. Our next endeavor involves renovating the kitchen, a project significant enough to engage the TQ Construction team.


The benefit of working on renovations in phases, apart from how it may affect your finances, is that it allows you to test the waters with the team of professionals you choose to engage.


Happy Designing!

Team DKS!

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