Beach Ave.

Beach Ave.

Project: Beach Ave.

Builder: Work Pro Contracting

About this Project

This project was nothing short of a space planning feat. When we began the project, it was a 2 bed 2 bath condo with a small galley kitchen without a fridge (it was in the hallway because it didn’t fit in the kitchen…) did we say it was a small kitchen? The goal was to customize the entire condo into a space that suits this young family of four and their needs. The plan was to open up the kitchen and close off the dining room to turn it into a 3rd bedroom, move the primary bedroom & ensuite, and turn the original ensuite into the main bathroom. Due to the age of the building along with it’s plumbing and wiring, we were met with roadblocks with every swing of the sledgehammer. We worked through four separate layouts with the client as a result, finally landing on the perfect floorplan! They say you can’t make a diamond without some pressure!


For the kitchen layout, we initially planned to move the sink location creating a larger U-shaped kitchen with a pass through to the living room but came to realize that the existing plumbing stack was substantially larger than we anticipated and could not reduce the wall or move the sink. We then discovered that the wiring for the building ran through the opposite wall and could not be removed or turned into a pony wall. This constricted our options for opening the kitchen significantly. After some back and forth with work pro contracting, plumbing and electrical engineers and inspectors. We kept the sink where it was, opened up the entire kitchen to the living room, added a peninsula, wrap around floating shelves and buffet cabinet. The shelves extend the kitchen into the dinning area, tying the two spaces together. Below is a hutch with a charging station, and printer.


The clients wanted to move the primary bedroom to the side of the condo with the ocean view (who wouldn’t want that?) So, the main bathroom became the primary ensuite and the original ensuite became the main bath. The original primary bedroom was opened up for access to the washroom and the other bedrooms while the new ensuite took on a major glow up with plenty of added storage.


The overall mood and concept was to create a light and airy yet earthy and calm space. The materials and finishes were carefully selected to achieve this look. In the kitchen, we kept the upper cabinets, fridge and pantry light with white laminate. We grounded the space with Uniboard laminate wood millwork with plenty of variation and character topped with soft white quartz with warm veining and ceramic tile featuring hand-crafted irregularities and imperfections. On the floors, we chose a soft clay like tile in a light grey for a sandy concrete canvas. In the ensuite we used a tile the same line in a darker beige hue for the floors, tub, and shower, repeated the quartz and millwork from the kitchen for a cohesive look.

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